Sage 50 Temporary Files

Recently we have come across a few issues with Sage, but perhaps the most annoying of them is it randomly storing Sage 50 temporary files in C:\Microsoft\Temp.

These files are named:

C:\Temp\Windows\YYYY-MM-DD HH-MM-SS

They appear to be remains of a failed or incomplete Sage 50 Automatic Backups, which waste valuable storage and can cause major problems in any enviroment.

Sage 50 Temporary Files

By default the Sage 50 Automatic Backups are disk space aware, however it appears to have no awareness of the failed backups. This means Sage will not remove them. Even with the backups disabled, they appear to still appear. These files are safe to delete and should be deleted whenever you encounter them.

This issue has been reported to Sage, but no response or fix so far.