Category: Windows

Choosing a New Spam Filter

Last month our spam filtering service was due for renewal so I was tasked with choosing a new spam filter. Our previous service we used was SpamTitan made by TitanHQ. This was an excellent service and we had relatively few issues in the 4+ years we ran it. In order to find another solution we had to run through what… Read more →

FBX to C3X resulting in 1KB files

So recently I was asked by a friend to convert a few FBX files to C3X/CoCos format for a game he’s developing. Seemed simple enough but kept resulting in 1KB files! Quickly researching the task seemed simple enough, someone had already written and compiled a windows binary for it: So downloaded binary, downloaded FBX file, ran with the -a… Read more →

Reject inbound emails sent to a specific domain

Recently we got asked to reject inbound emails sent to a specific domain with a custom response but without touching the mailboxes themselves and leaving the functionality to email out from that domain. Usually this isn’t normally needed, but in this instance they had closed one of their companies and wanted to retain the mailboxes in their current state and… Read more →

Sage 50 Temporary Files

Recently we have come across a few issues with Sage, but perhaps the most annoying of them is it randomly storing Sage 50 temporary files in C:\Microsoft\Temp. These files are named: C:\Temp\Windows\YYYY-MM-DD HH-MM-SS They appear to be remains of a failed or incomplete Sage 50 Automatic Backups, which waste valuable storage and can cause major problems in any enviroment. By… Read more →

Sage 50 Automatic Backups

Using Sage 50 Accounts V21 or V22 and you have more than a few companies? Then Sage 50 automatic backups are a very bad thing… In both Sage 50 Accounts V21 and V22, Sage included an automatic backup, which is on by default. This means that every installation of Sage creates backups of the dataset directly to the C drive… Read more →