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Customising the eFa Spam Filter

After deploying eFa there’s a few additional changes that you might want to do but requires customising the eFa spam filter entirely. These don’t have to be done and really depend on your use case for it. Customising Outbound IP list When you change the Outbound IP’s it wipes all settings already stored. It’s fine with a few IP’s but… Read more →

Deploying the eFa Spam Filter

So after deciding to use eFa Project I got around to deploying the eFa spam filter in our datacentre. They provide the option of deploying either as a one line installer or using an ISO image. I’ve had some bad experiences in using premade or self building images, so where possible I prefer to deploy a fresh CentOS box and… Read more →

Choosing a New Spam Filter

Last month our spam filtering service was due for renewal so I was tasked with choosing a new spam filter. Our previous service we used was SpamTitan made by TitanHQ. This was an excellent service and we had relatively few issues in the 4+ years we ran it. In order to find another solution we had to run through what… Read more →

Reject inbound emails sent to a specific domain

Recently we got asked to reject inbound emails sent to a specific domain with a custom response but without touching the mailboxes themselves and leaving the functionality to email out from that domain. Usually this isn’t normally needed, but in this instance they had closed one of their companies and wanted to retain the mailboxes in their current state and… Read more →