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FBX to C3X resulting in 1KB files

So recently I was asked by a friend to convert a few FBX files to C3X/CoCos format for a game he’s developing. Seemed simple enough but kept resulting in 1KB files! Quickly researching the task seemed simple enough, someone had already written and compiled a windows binary for it: So downloaded binary, downloaded FBX file, ran with the -a… Read more →

KOA Guru!

I’ve started a new site called KOA Guru for a mobile game I play and moderate which is called King of Avalon. In chatting to a few friends we’ve found that the vast majority of the data is stored in semi-transparent XML files so lots of data can be scraped/manipulated and then presented in nice tables. It’s a LOT of… Read more →

HP Procurve Switches Crashing

We have been coming into a fairly critical issue with HP Procurve switches crashing resulting in ‘dead ports’. This seems to only affect the Procurve 1810 series – but does it for the 8, 24 and 48 port models alike. This often takes a little while to spot, since the switch doesn’t completely stop working. Anything that was currently connected… Read more →

New website

I HAVE A NEW WEBSITE! I’ve finally got around to updating this. Now I know quite a bit more about WordPress it give me the opportunity to update the long-standing php junk that I previously had on here… Stay tuned for more updates and posts. Read more →